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Green in all Grades

Green In All Grades: Green America’s Better Paper Project presents this document for paper purchasers, sustainability directors, marketing and public relations personnel, and companies. In this, we share a clear explanation for why choosing recycled paper is a wise decision for the environment AND your business.

What Recycled Paper Use Saves

Recycled Paper Saves: Better Paper Project created a set of infographics to explain the many benefits of using recycled paper, including how it reduces water and energy usage and keeps solid waste out of landfills.

Better Paper Project interviews Washington State University on switching to recycled paper

Washington State University Interview: Better Paper Project interviews Larry Clark, the managing Editor of WSU’s Magazine about making the switch from virgin fiber paper to 100% recycled paper!

Tips for Bins

Tips for Using the Blue Bin: Recycling as a concept seems simple! However, the more municipalities that employ single stream (all in one) recycling bins, the more appealing “wish cycling” becomes. These three tips assembled by BPP help clear up the fog around how to recycled easily and properly!

Other Resources
Recycled Fiber Fact Sheet

Recycled Fiber Fact Sheet: The Environmental Paper Network explains the effects of virgin fiber paper use versus recycled paper use on our planet! This detailed document can help publishers to get a clear and well – rounded knowledge base on why and how to move forward with recycled paper for their publications.

Environmental Benefits of Recycled Paper

Recycled Paper Q&A: The Environmental Defense formed a Q and A about common questions related to using recycled paper. This specifically focuses on solid waste, pollution during manufacturing, and impacts on our forests.

How much paper do we use in a day?

The amount of paper that is used daily in the United States is shocking. It is important for everyone to start thinking about their paper usage and find ways to decrease it. This graphic gives visual comparisons of how much paper is used each day in the United States. Next time you grab a sheet of paper, ask yourself, is this necessary? A big thank you to Esker for such a powerful infographic!

Rescue Your Recycling

Based on the "Green American" magazine published in August 2016, we created a document on how to rescue your recycling and finally recycle "right". The graphic breaks down by recycables (glass, plastic, paper, etc.) to provide a roadmap to recycling successfully.