Forests are one of our most treasured resources...but they are disappearing at the rate of 20 football fields per second because of pulp and paper production. When we lose forests we lose their ability to filter our water, provide habitat for thousands of species, trap carbon and provide us with fresh air.


Nearly 50% of all trees harvested in North America are turned into some type of paper product. This has put tremendous pressure on the Canadian Boreal Forest as well as forests in Southeastern US. Every day, diverse, natural forests are either destroyed all together, or converted to monoculture, industrial tree plantations that often grow genetically modified (GMO) trees.

Deforestation is a global problem. The tree pulp for paper comes from places around the world, including Indonesia, as well as large parts of South America.

Solution: Recycled Paper

Stacks of used paper

Despite the rise of digitized media, global production in the pulp, paper and publishing sector still has a massive impact on the environment. Replacing virgin fiber with recycled fiber decreases the need for cutting down trees, whether from endangered forests or from tree plantations. We must act now to preserve our forests by using post-consumer recycled paper that reduces the need to log our precious and endangered forests.